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Editorial review


Margie Smeer Senior editor

This review applies to version 2.0. The latest version of this software will soon be reviewed by our informers.

Makeup Guide is a neat and easy-to-use application that lets you apply cosmetic makeup to faces from photos. You can use this tool to make yourself look better than ever in any picture.
Many people are wrong when they think that in order to retouch pictures and enhance their looks in these photos, using sophisticated and expensive tools like Adobe Photoshop is the only way. Makeup Guide can also be used for this purpose, and it’s not only lighter and much easier to use, but also less costly.

Being easy-to-use is its main advantage. It makes sure that anyone can successfully retouch, enhance and embellish the way they look in their photos. Even complete beginners can use this tool effectively, as its interface is really simple, intuitive and straightforward. There are no intricate menus or complicated settings. Furthermore, Makeup Guide comes with comprehensive video tutorials that clearly and fully explain how to use every tool and function. Therefore, you will be able to easily apply lipstick, rouge, eye shadow, and powder right on the photo. An eye liner and an eye color changing tool are also available.

You probably won’t be able to use this tool in order to thoroughly edit small details of a photo, as it’s far from being a comprehensive picture editing and manipulation tool, being created clearly with a sole purpose: to apply makeup to faces on photos. It won’t even help you remove skin imperfections from a photo, like wrinkles or acne. Even considering all these things, I still think it’s worth a try. When it comes to applying makeup, it’s truly fast, easy and effective.


  • Easy-to-use.
  • Neat and lightweight.
  • The video tutorials are very effective and helpful.


  • The trial version doesn't allow saving the photos to common formats.

Publisher's description

Makeup Guide will help you to apply lipstick, rouge, eye shadow, and powder; line eyelids; and change eye color. You can do all of this right on the photo!

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